It has taken six months, but on the 26th of February I recieved my third rejection from United Media. The letter states,
"I have had a chance to review samples of VOMIT76. I like your sense of humor but the feature's humor, size and point of view make it impossible to syndicate this to daily newspapers. If you have a more commercial idea for a panel or strip, I would be happy to review it."
I don't get it, he likes the humor, but because of the humor and several other factors, he can not syndicate Vomit 76. I guess I should have expected this crap from Dilbert's syndicate.

Name Dropping:
The SALT magazine ( was the recipient of a positive review in the fall issue of Venus (, an all female produced, national magazine. Within the 1/3 page review, they mention that Snow Monkeys in Japan and Vomit 76 appear in the current issue of SALT.

Near the end of August I sent out packets to all of the major comic syndicates. At this time I have heard from two, Creators Syndicate and Universal, who both rejected the comic. I am waiting for the others to contact me. I have my fingers crossed. I first tried crossing my toes, but that was uncomfortable, you live and learn.

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