Squeak, Killer, Ghost and Satan inhabit a two-dimensional world that mirrors my world - and people I have known. Many of their concerns are questions that I wrestle with, such as the environment, oppression of the powerless, the vacuity of pop-culture, and the constant tug-o-war between the spiritual and the material. The characters are unable to change their world - and they know it. They deal with their problems as best they can through a passive-aggressive approach that includes hyperbole, wisecracking, non sequitur, and escape into dreams.

Squeak - a bird - is a smart-mouthed, opinionated, impulsive little pain in the ass, whose lack insight is magnified by his paranoia. His point of view is further complicated by his slipping into and out of dreams. He is the idea generator for the comic, brimming with angst and nowhere to go.
The Ghost - is the more mature of the characters. He brings a spiritual voice to the debate, speaking wisdom to the others - or what passes for wisdom in this two-dimensional world. Ghost and Killer often agree, which means they frequently take the opposite view of the reality presented by the intolerant Squeak.
Satan - a real devil of a character, though his heart is not in it. He never cared for the family business but his hand was forced when his first choice (being a cat) was overruled. He's a kinder, gentler Satan. He doesn't take his job seriously, and his present duties, as onerous as they are, are just another gig. For his oblique viewpoint on matters of morality he will someday roast in hell.
Killer - a dog - is a thoughtful, depressed, caring, socially impotent creature who left his master to escape the concrete bustle of the city. He ponders environmental concerns and the oppression of the powerless. He inhabits a global anxiety; he thinks too much. Killer does however, enjoy two hobbies: bowling and…not bowling.

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